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Jacksonville, FL
United States

Hi! I'm Kimberly.


I am a creative located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

I graduated from the University of North Florida with a BFA and a concentration in Graphic Design & Digital Media. 

I love most things art related, however, I’ve realized that my greatest passions are Design, Photography, and Painting. 

Some other things that I love are: my dog Jax, the beach, coffee, natural light & golden hour, music, well branded restaurants & coffee shops, the sunrise, and grilling/cooking ... I could go on, but I'll stop.

I also love to hear your stories, and watch as your eyes light up over what you're passionate about… and if I can help you with your passion, whether it be with pictures, artwork, or designing a logo & putting together a branding so you can bring that passion project to life… that makes me happy.


Photo by: Brittany Coleman Photography

Photo by: Brittany Coleman Photography