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Board Art · Kraken

Kimberly Koenig

Jason's friend Nick asked me to paint "anything I wanted" on an old surfboard he had. Being told you can paint 'anything you want' is awesome, but it's also like walking into Target and being told, "just pick one thing." There's just too much to choose from.

I wanted to paint something that he'd like. Nick had mentioned wanting artwork of a Kraken in the past so I decided to start there. I originally had painted a giant, hot pink, Kraken and it was ripping up what was going to be the wood of a ship. After looking at it for almost a year... I realized it wasn't a good idea, in fact it was really ugly... What was I thinking? So I painted the whole board white and started over with a black & white theme.

I gathered the essentials: a glass of wine, my acrylics, and some brushes. Then I sat myself outside to finish this project while some Jack Johnson played through the outdoor speakers.

It was finished in three days! 


Hey, at least Nick wasn't in a rush for the board back during the other 300 something days I had it.

Here's a behind the scenes video... (One day, maybe I'll remember to use a tripod.)