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Christina & Travis

Kimberly Koenig

I met Christina and her mom out at La Rose Performance Horses last weekend for a portrait session with her horse, Travis. I've been to La Rose PH before, and every time I visit, it's such a great experience. Carolyn, the owner, is so helpful and has created such a beautiful environment for all the animals. Seriously, the barn is absolutely gorgeous. If I had a horse, I wouldn't think twice about boarding it there. 

Christina and Travis have such a wonderful bond and were great to work with. I loved watching them interact. This isn't my first time photographing a horse, and it can be a challenge to get "the shot," but I love a challenge. And to throw in another element of surprise, I wasn't expecting so much fog, but it doesn't always need to be sunny! The fog created a beautiful backdrop, I had beautiful models, and as I mentioned earlier... that barn. Gorgeous! 

I call horses 'divine mirrors' - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.
– Allen Hamilton

Nelle & Bruce

Kimberly Koenig

Nelle and Bruce had the most beautiful backyard wedding, I've ever seen. Located on the Intercostal, surrounded by family and friends as they celebrated their marriage, into the night. They exchanged vows, took a fun traditional German toast of "Who Rules The Nest," and enjoyed plenty of good music and food. They even had Dippin' Dots! Check it out :)

Planner & Flowers: Cait James Events
Cake: Sweet N Flour
Catering: Chef's Garden
Music: Deron Baker