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After Every Storm, Comes A Rainbow • Graham

Kimberly Koenig

Jordan and I met while taking a math class in college. Jordan's sense of humor made math a million times more fun. I knew I wanted to try and take as many elective classes with her as possible. There was a time we even auditioned on campus for a Krystal commercial. Sure, they were handing out free food to participants but besides that, who wouldn't want to be in a commercial?!

Anyway, post college days, I've been blessed to photograph Jordan's family throughout many milestones. Most recently, I had the chance to photograph, Graham, the newest member of the family. It was great to catch up and see Eli's personality shine, how graceful Jordan makes motherhood look, and witness the loving family Jordan, Jeff, Eli, and Graham make.

Jordan told me how much she prayed for Graham. Hanging above Graham's crib, there are signs that read, "After Every Storm, Comes A Rainbow." I asked Jordan if I could share the significance of those signs in this blog post. Prior to Graham, Jordan and her family, experienced two miscarriages. She said: "The two miscarriages really tested my faith and having him and being able to carry him actually made my faith stronger."

Without a doubt, the women who have walked through a season of grief after a miscarriage, are the strongest women I have ever met. To have the strength to keep moving forward when your heart is mourning, is nothing short of courageous. 

Just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort. – 2 Corinthians 1:7

I hope you all enjoy these moments captured amongst this sweet family!